Perfect Feet System – Professional 3-in-1 Electric Pedicure Kit


Callus Remover Kit for Foot/Nail- 3 Interchangeable Attachments with 2 Speeds – Complete Spa Caliber System for Your Feet

About the Product

  • COMPLETE SPA SYSTEM - Our perfect feet system includes 3 interchangeable heads to remove calluses and dead skin, smooth skin, and polish to reveal perfect feet. We included a tough hard skin blade, a softer smoothing blade and finishing buffer attachment for a 3 pronged system that will guarantee results or your money back. Complete treatment time is less than 5 minutes a week.
  • HARD SKIN BLADE - This attachment is specfically engineered to safely and effortlessly remove tough dry dead skin and calluses. This attachment will remove even the most stubborn calluses that have built up over months and years.
  • SMOOTHING BLADE - This second blade gently removes softer and newer calluses and dry skin to smooth feet. The smoothing blade incoportates specifically designed ridges to soften newer calluses and skin.
  • BUFFER HEAD - The third interchangeable buffer head polishes new skin and files your nails for the perfect finish. This final step will give your feet perfect spa quality looks.
  • CONVENIENT - The Perfect Feet System is the ultimate all in one spa tool for your feet. We guarantee you'll love this product or your money back. 2 Protective Caps Inlcuded. Easy to Clean and ultra portable. Runs on 2 AA batteries.
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