Helios Advanced Light Therapy System


Our Helios Advanced Light Therapy System was created for those who desire a more aggressive skin care regimen to combat and reverse the cumulative effects of aging and daily wear on the skin. Laser light therapy was usually only available in skin care clinics and dermatologist offices, however modern advances in laser diode technology have made this take home product possible. The Helios “ALTS” was carefully designed and engineered to emit exact wavelengths of 660 nm Red, 415 nm Blue and 525 nm Green light using state of the art LED laser diodes. The Helios system features 3 interchangeable self timed light panels for each specific wavelength of therapy with a powerful and unique benefit to each. Countless published scientific studies attest to the effectiveness of light therapy . . . and now this technology is yours to take home. Here’s the science of how it works:


ANTI-AGING RED INFRARED The 660nm panel emits wavelengths in the infrared spectrum of light which is particularly potent in its anti aging effects. Infrared penetrates the outer layer of skin in the range of 6-10 nm to create a profound boost of blood circulation and collagen production. This increased collagen production expands outwards to press up fine lines and wrinkles which dramatically reduces their appearance. PIGMENT CORRECTING GREEN The Helios green treatment panel emits medium range 525 nm green LED light. Studies have concluded that this specific wavelength is particularly effective in reaching farther into the epidermis and preventing the over-stimulation of melanin which leads to many forms skin discoloration including redness, freckles, age spots and even sun damage. Use this panel to create a more even coloration profile and reduce skin imperfections. ANTI-BLEMISH BLUE This treatment panel which focuses blue LED light energy in the 415 nm wavelength is extremely effective in creating the appearance of tighter and firmer skin. Blue light is a higher frequency light (higher energy) which is sort of a mini workout for skin. Pores and inflammation are reduced dramatically with this dose of light. Tighter healthier skin also means a lesser probability of breakouts and blemishes in the future.
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