Essence Ultra Sonic Aromatherapy Diffuser


Introducing the PDC ultra sonic aromatherapy diffuser. This compact modern day diffuser features ultra sonic vaporization technology that can produce timed bursts of aromatic and essential oils in any space. The Essence features a vaporization chamber that uses ultra sonic waves moving faster than the speed of sound to instantly vaporize water and oils into a mist which the diffuser spreads into the room. The beneficial effects of essential oil aromatherapy on mind and body are well documented and are delivered here in a powerful compact package.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Leave your home or office smelling great and reap the numerous health and wellness benefits of aromatherapy. AUTOMATIC Just turn the Essence on and forget it. This unit features ambient light and timer settings to create a customized experience. Once set these features will deliver a consistent experience. Time options include 30, 60, 120 and 180 Sleek The Essence comes in a small easy to use package that will look great anywhere you put it. It includes 7 shades of ambient light to set the mood and aura as you see fit.
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