Complete Facial Cleansing System


Our renowned facial cleansing system is the ultimate daily tool for maintaining beautifully radiant skin. The powerful motorized handle unit allows for 3 interchangeable adapters that provide A-Z coverage for your
skin that is guaranteed to take 10 years of your appearance or your money back.

AN ANTI-AGING MIRACLE: The firmer facial brush is specifically designed for sensitive facial skin. Use this brush an all areas of the skin to stimulate daily collagen production, improve skin elasticity and boost blood flow. All of these benefits will combine to reveal beautifully radiant skin and remove decades of aging. GET MORE FROM YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS: The buffer sponge is the perfect applicator to smooth out skin. It is also ideal to apply your favorite beauty creams and products with an increased absorption rate of 10x. GET TOUGH ON DEAD SKIN: The pumice stone applicator is for tougher patches of skin such as the heels and feet. Use this head to get touch on dead skin and reveal the smooth supple skin underneath.
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